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April 7, 2005
Al B. Love Is Here!
Al B. Love will move that junk in your trunk!! The new "Weekend Old School Funk Fest" radio show with with Al B. Love!

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Click here To Buy This CD!Big Rich Tha Don - A Chicano With Roots, Heritage And Pride

Richard Baca, AKA 'Big Rich Tha Don' grew up on the streets of new Mexico, having been fathered by what he describes as a failure of a father, he was forced to look elsewhere for strength and leadership - His Grandfather would be that man. But this was no ordinary Man.

Henry Campos was a strong role model, booming with self confidence, a strong sense of heritage, morals and was himself, an extremely well respected community leader.

Early on though, Richard was unable to focus and quickly found himself in trouble.

Spending time at a correctional facility, He opened his eyes to the fact and realization that the world was a cold dark place, where he could expect help from no one, especially the system. He also began to understand the very nature of the beast - This is a world where Chicano’s were EXPECTED to fail, and helped along the way by a corrupt system which oppresses minorities.

He realized that if he were going to make it, he would have to CHANGE the game in his favor.

Enrolling in college, he started to bloom with the self confidence and aura of legendary Cesar Chavez's vision of "Si Se Puede!" (Yes, It Can Be Done!). Sadly though, his grandfather passed away, but Richard is confident in knowing that from somewhere up there, His Grandfather is looking down at him smiling.

The lessons learned from his grandfather quickly began to make sense. A new Man began to emerge - A smarter, sharper and stronger one than before. It’s then He realized he could be more – MUCH more.

Not letting anything get in his way, this now Politically aware Chicano is set to launch himself into the stratosphere even further by releasing his first Rap Album, produced by none other than himself under his own recently formed label!

Setting to debut himself to the world in 2005, he has vowed to make his mark on music, showing the world that, not only can Chicano’s overcome adversity and the challenge of living within a society that promotes failure, but that you can excel at what ever you put your mind to, as long as you don’t forget where you came from and who you are.

His album is still in production, but hopes for a mid-2005 release. Listen to Big Rich Tha Don’s First two tracks “Chicano” and “Make That Money”, right here on the Vision Radio Network.

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