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Celebrating 12 Years On The Air This Summer!

What We Play
The Streetz Of Aztlan is Proudly Produced Friday's 12-4PM Pacific at the California Studios of the Vision Radio Network. The format is Old School, Oldies, Aztlan Classics and Chicano Rap. This Mix is geared towards the Chicano, Latino and Black Audiences - The fact is, You'll hear a mix of Music you won't hear anywhere else.

We've Been Cruising Since 1993
The Streetz of Aztlan was started in May of 1993, in Sacramento, CA. Since then it has traveled through two Radio Stations and two Online Radio Networks, yet little has changed.

We are the original Home and Authority of Old School in the Sacra area. Beginning At Access Sacramento - A Community Radio Station in Sacramento California. Like elsewhere in life, we were watched over closely by an overly-worried Management, fearing the FCC would come down on us for playing Hard Rap or overly expressing ourselves Politically on the air - Foreigners in our Own Country.

Within the limits of that environment, [and sometimes outside of them], We stayed and played our way into the hearts and fascinations of those that heard us. Like other Chicano/Radio Aztlan Style Radio Programs [Berkeley, Davis, Riverside], We were playing a unique Mix of Old School, Oldies, Chicano Rock and the New, though totally Underground sound of Chicano Rap.

I would always end the Program with: "Keep Your Head To The Sky, Don't Let Nobody Get You Down, And remember RAZA - YOU LIVE IN AZTLAN"

The Big Networks And You
It was our very own Listeners that caused CHR Radio Stations in the greater Sacramento area to bring back Old School, way before anyone thought it would be viable. Since we were on only once a week, listeners would call the Big Stations all week, asking to hear what I was playing on the show. They eventually came around (at least to the Old School Part).

Now since the big networks [Clear Channel] have bought out almost every single radio and television station in the United States, and have saturated the airwaves - they have ruined Old School, R&B and Oldies. But, not because they play it.. But because they play a tiny commercialized slice of it.. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

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